"Here I am."   

The name of this place is, actually,"Ilha de São Sebastião" (São Sebastião's Island), but people use the name Ilhabela. The island has 129 km of perimeter, about 400 rivers and streams, several waterfalls, a State Park of 27.025 hectares with 80% of untouched Atlantic forest, 36 beaches, 12 islets, 3 of them are inhabited: Vitória, Búzios and "Ilha das Cabras" (Island of the Goats) 

"It's possible to shower at a waterfall after bathing on the beach! "   

The first outsider to arrive here was Américo Vespúcio, on January 20, 1502, and as it was São Sebastião's (Saint Sebatian) day, the Island got this name. Soon the first village of the Island arose, "Villa Bella".  

For a long time, the residents of the island had many dificulties, because the pirates arrived, stealing, killing, setting fire, raping and other atrocities. Due to the constants visits of pirates, there is an old legend about hidden treasures at the Atlantic forest and some other ones forgotten on the bottom of the sea. 

"Almost every beach has bars."   

Ilhabela has more than 30 beaches and who wants to be among the corwd, should go to the beaches of "Saco da Capela" (Chapel's Sack)and "Pinto" (Chick) at the north of the island, "Feiticeira" (Witch) and "Curral" (Corral) at the south. Those who want some peace should go to "Bonete", at the south; Jabaquara, at the north and "Castelhanos" (Castilian), at the east side. 

"This is "Praia dos Castelhanos" (Castilian's Beach)   

Here are a few details about some beaches: 

Bonete: It shelters a community of more or less 400 people. There is no access for cars. You reach it through a trail of approximately 15 km, passing "Cachoeira da Laje" (Waterfall of the Flagstone). You can also reach it by boat.  

Castilian: You cross 24 km by Ilhabela State Park, a road full of holes that could be tough for regular cars when it rains. It has already been a pirate port, but today it is a calm beach with waves and no crowd. 

"What a nice grotto! " 

Eustáquio: Reached by boat or walking through the Castilian's Beach. There is a bar that sells beer and seafood.  

"Pedra do Sino" (Bell's Stone): It is at 4 km from Ilhabela's Village. It's got that name because the stones make bells sound sound when the water hits it. 

"Saco da Capela" (Chapel's Sack): with about 600m, it is one of the crowded points of the island. Bars and kiosks.  

"Nice... "   

Jabaquara: at the north of the Island, at the very end of the road. 2 rivers flows out on the beach, forming lakes. Going there by boat or schooner is great. 

"Curral" (Corral): It is at 12 km from the raft, towards the south. It is the beach where people meet, at the bars and restaurants.  

"Feiticeira" (Witch): it is at 11 km from the Village, to the south side , enclosed by mansions, it has calm waters, clean sand and coconut trees.  

"What a nice view!!! "   

"Perequê": it has several bars and restaurants. It is at 4 Km from the Village, towards the south and at 2 Km from the raft towards the North. 

"Armação": it has old fishermen houses , changed into residences of vacationers.  It is located at 5 km from the Village, towards the north. The sea is calm and on windy days, people go sailing. 

"Do you like what you see? "   

There are many trails that leads to unknown waterfalls, places of difficult access. Here are some suggestions of trails: Trail "da Água Branca" (of the White Water):  Access by the road of the Castilian. It is easy to travel it, and has, as attractions, the waterfalls: "Queda da Escada" (Stairway Fall), "Cachoeira da Ducha" (Shower Waterfall) and others, all of them with natural swimming pools. Trail "do Pico do Baepi" (of Baepi's Peak): the walk lasts about five hours until the top. The peak can be reached starting from the condominium "Engenho d'Água". There are several other trails: Trilha da Cachoeira da Laje,Trilha da cachoeira do Areado,Trilha do Bonete,Trilha da Cachoeira da Lage Preta,Trilha de Castelhanos e Serraria,Trilha do Estevão,Trilha da Anchovas,Trilha da Cachoeira da Friagem,Trilha da Toca das Furnas,Trilhas das Praias: Mansa, Vermelha e Figueira, Trilha da Cachoeira dos Veloso,Trilha do Pico de São Sebastião,Trilha da cachoeira dos Três Tombos e Trilhas das Cachoeiras do Couro do Boi. 

"Aaahhh, don't run over me!!!! "   

The island is sought by divers, because there are many points for the practice of this sport there. Several shipwrecked ships exist along the coast. The main ones are: "Concar": it shipwrecked in 1959, "Dart":shipwrecked in 1894, at "Borrifos", "Terezina": it shipwrecked in 1920, at Costão do Taubaté, "Velasques": English cargo ship that shipwrecked by hitting on the coast of "Ponta da Sela", in 1908 and "Aymoré": it shipwrecked in 1921, at "Ponta do Ribeirão" 

"Bye... "  

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1. July is one of the best times to go to Ilhabela. The place is no t crowded, it has many good waves and happens the Week of the Sail, that is a very cool event.  

2. Don't visit the island during the carnival or the New Year, it is too much crowded.   

3. Don't miss doing an autonomous dive to see some of the several shipwrecks that the Island has. 

4. The extraordinary trips are: "Bonete", "Castelhanos" and "Cachoeira do Gato", but there is lot more good options to visit. 

5. Surfing at the island: "Castelhanos", "Areado" (w/ northeast wind), "Pacuíba" and "Canto Bravo" at Bonete. 

6. The nightlife is at the Village. There is closed Street, only for the pedestrians, with restaurants and bars. 

7.  If you're intending to travel a less known trail, hire a guide. 

8. The road to "Castelhanos" is full of holes and may upset who has regular vehicules when it rains. You can find some 4x4 Jeeps to take you there. 

9. The island has a huge infrastructure, with restaurants and lodging. 

10.  "against mosquitos and black flies... Two weeks before camping, take a lot of B complex pills, everyday. Two days before, to take it in double dose. The forced metabolism generates a natural repellent on our skin." tip from Gilson Teixeira Cornelio 

11. "Bonete is a great place (picture 10). There are 3 waterfalls along the trail, for you to renew your energies and to enjoy the wonderful landscape. and also the sight of the beach, from up there... still on the trail (picture 6). When you arrive there, seek a camping, don't forget to bring repellent and a flashlight. During the night, everybody goes to the only bar there, at the edge of the beach. If you are too tired to get back, look for some fisherman to take you back by boat. " Tip from Angelis - Campinas/SP -  

12. "Haxi, I loved your site! Here is my suggestion... Bonete, at Ilhabela, is a place still not much explored by the tourism, and, for that reason, one of the most beautiful places  I have ever known... the trail, of 12 km, is also great, it's approximately 4 hours of walk by a path in the forest, with waterfalls for resting. You can also hire a canoeist in São Sebastião. The place is a paradise, an isolated village, with good waves, perfect tubes.  Finally, it is worthwhile to visit it, but take when it rains, because the boats may not return, and the trail gets all muddy.  "tip from Nana Varella - SP  

13. "go to one of the several trip agencies the city offers.  You have the options of motorboat, schooner and jeep trips until the beach of `` Castelhanos´´ on the other side of the island. When you get there, ask the guide to take you to the Waterfall of the Cat´´, 30 mts tall. The trail takes to the foot of the waterfall that suddenly appears in the middle of the forest. WONDERFUL. Obs * Bring water, repellent and wear a comfortable pair of trainers.  "tip from Cilene Marchi and Marcelo Pietrafeza - Serra Negra - SP.  

14. "hello. I've at Bonete on the first weekend of October and I just loved the beach - paradisiacal! I went by the trail - 12 km and, to save time, I came back by canoe... I almost died! The engine of the canoe exploded and me, my boyfriend, the canoeist and hisr 5 year-old nephew drifted for some time... the canoeist burned his backs with the boiling water from the radiator.... As the canoe it didn't have any equipment: lifejacket or radio, the solution was to pray and to wait for divine help... that actually came. A motorboat was going from Indaúba to São Sebastião and saw us (we were waving and but taking for the canoe not to turn...) and it rescued us, taking us back to Ilhabela.  Therefore, friends, - think thrice before deciding to do that canoe trip. Motorboats  with radio and vests exist and a better option... It is surely safer.... Hugs" tip from Daniella – BH

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