"The city portal is a giant barrel of wine! "  

120 Km from Porto Alegre, Bento Gonçalves is located in Serra Gaúcha (Rio Grande do Sul Mountains). A place where the traditions and habits of the Italian immigrants still present.  


Bento Gonçalves was founded with strong tradition in grape culture and the production of wine and it is situated among valleys covered of vines and it is the second largest wine producting area of Brazil and the main productor of fine wines, for which it received the title of "The Capital of the Wine." 

"Some of the wines are produced in castles! "  


Pipa-pórtico - it is in the main entrance of the city and it has a kite format, with 17,35m of  height . It symbolizes the municipal district of Bento Gonçalves that has the title of "The Brazilian Capital of the Wine." 

Vale dos Vinhedos (Vineyards Valley) - it is a valley among Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Monte Belo do Sul boarders.  Wines from Vale dos Vinhedos is globally known. The techniques guarantee the product quality, which already earned important national and international prizes, mainly in countries of Europe. In the summer the main attraction is to eat the grapes in the vineyards, to accompany the winegrowers' work, to see how the wine and juice are produced. 

"Locomotive ride is cool."  

Maria Fumaça - It's a 23km ride with music, wines and champagnes, tarantela, Italian coral, in this railroad inaugurated in 1919. Departures: Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 14 o'clock, from Bento Gonçalves' Rail Station, going by Garibaldi, Carlos Barbosa and returning by the same itinerary. 

Caminhos de Pedra (Stone paths) - one of the first nuclei of the Italian immigration in the State. The stoned constructions portray the history of the immigration.  It has a mill, a colonial tavern, blacksmith house, house of home-made pastas and looms, centennial  stone houses , spacious basements, wood houses, besides chapels and capitéis. 

"Ferradura (Horseshoe)is one of the main attractions."  

Salto ventoso (Windy Jump) - it is located in the district of Nova Sardenha (New Sardenha). With 54 meters of height, in front of a large mouth (200 meters in length for 25 meters of height), where you can watch it from behind the waterfall. The horseshoe shape, like a semicircle, making it possible to watch it from any angle. When the sun shines inside of the big mouth, on the rift of the water, several colors reflecte on the walls of the cave. " Quatrilho ", the Oscar nominate movie, was filmed here. 

Fenavinho - National Party of the Wine. The hottest event among the beauties of Rio Grande do Sul. The whole secular magic of the Italian immigrants' culture is shown with music, dances, shows, typical dishes and a lot of wine, that flows in a parallel with people happiness. 

"Salto Ventoso is an extraordinary attraction."  

Ponte do Rio das Antas (Tapirs river Bidge) - It is in Tapirs river Valley, between Bento Gonçalves and Veranópolis. It is the largest of the world in parallel arches.  

Rafting - for who like adventures, the tip is to go down 12 Km of the Tapirs river, in a 2 hours of duration trip.  

"Gee! You can stay inside the Windy Jump!! "  

Off-Road - crossing Santo Agostino and Ferrdura valleys in a 4x4 jeep, about 3 hours for 50 km.  

Museu Histórico Casa do Imigrante (Immigrant House Historical museum) - it keeps a collection of more than 1300 objects and 3.000 pictures on the Italian immigration. 

Igreja São Bento (Saint Bento Church) - Its architectural form is in kite format, able to host up to 1.500 people.  

Via del Vino - it is in downtown, in front of the Municipal City hall, it has a fountain gushing waters in the color of the wine that is to be bought. 

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1. Visit the Windy Jump. It is an impressive waterfall and it is the only of Brazil that is possible to see from any angle, even inside of it.  

2. Be prepared to get drunk. You will visit dozens of wine-producing farms and you will be allowed to try every wine. 

3. Buy the wines. They are cheap and excellent tasting. 

4. The main party of the city is FENAVINHO - National Party of the Wine. It is more or less like Oktoberfest is for Blumenau

5. Don't miss eating the traditional Italian food. There are many good restaurants and the cooks are true italians. 

6. If you are in order to a very cultural program, the suggestion is the Maria Fumaça (Locomotive) ride. Besides the views, it also offers typical dances and, of course, a lot of wine. 

7. But if you're keen on adventure tourism, there is the rafting in Tapirs river and off-road by the trails of Ferradura (Horseshoe.)  

8. If you're one of those guys who can't let go of an oportunity to get drunk, this is your Disneyland, budy... But if you're really a tough one, you should try the Italian cachaça, Graspa. Awesome... 

9. And to eat with Graspa, you shoulg try a typical italian salami. Of those that only the Italians know how to prepare. 

10. If you're going there, visit Gramado and Canela

11.  try the "al primo canto" chicken . it is an extraordinary traditional Italian meal, easy to find in the area." tip from Carla Costa - Porto Alegre  

12. I think it's great this information on our city, however I would like to remind you that the Windy Jump waterfall belongs to the municipal district of Farroupilha. It would be very good to show some other attraction of Bento Gonçalves, isn't it?? "Hugs." tip from Cláudia Cecília Plants 

13. I would like to inform that the Windy Jump waterfall doesn't belong to Bento Gonçalves but to Farroupilha, a neighboring city. Taking advantage of the moment, I ask you to make a report on Farroupilha. Thanks." tip from Lisiane Polli.  

14. Also, get to know Stone and Tapirs rivers. I love Bento Gonçalves. Kisses . " tip from Alice de Assis   

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